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ISTC 501 Portfolio July 22, 2010

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Activities completed through ISTC 501 have helped meet to meet the Maryland Teacher Technology standards in several ways. Following are each of the technology standards and links, as well as reflection on class activities focused on that standard.

Standard I: Technology Information Access, Evaluation, Processing and Application – Access, evaluate, and process information efficiently and effectively

The bookmarking assignment helped me meet this standard effectively because it required me to search and evaluate potential technology tools that I could use in my classroom and I was extremely pleased with the resources that I discovered.  My bookmarks can be viewed here:

Standard II: Communication -A. Use technology effectively and appropriately to interact electronically. B. Use technology to communicate information in a variety of formats.

Creating the blog for this course was an excellent way for me to successfully meet Standard II.  I had numerous opportunities to communicate with members of my group and the entire class through reading and responding to their blog posts –

I also believe that the group PTE experience successfully met this standard as my partner and I had substantial communication via e-mail, text messaging, and the social networking site Facebook to bounce ideas off of one another and work together productively even when we were not in the same place:

Standard III: Legal, Social and Ethical Issues – Demonstrate an understanding of the legal, social, and ethical issues related to technology use.

I believe that the readings and my blog posts on Copyright/Fair Use and my research for the Cyberethics assignment have helped me meet Standard III for a variety of reasons.  Firstly, these assignments offered me an opportunity to review some of the things that I already knew about these issues.  Secondly, they introduced me to some rules and resources that I was unaware of.  The Cyberethics post also examined the social impact that Internet use (and specifically Internet Addiction) as well.  All of these posts can be found here –

Standard IV: Assessment for Administration and Instruction – Use technology to analyze problems and develop data-driven solutions for instructional and school improvement.

I believe that I successfully met this standard through the use of the course website as it helped me keep abreast of what was needed to successfully progress through the course:

Additionally, the use of the concept mapping software for my Chapter 1 Summary provided me with a way to chart data that will be useful when I am an educator:

Standard V: Integrating Technology into the Curriculum and Instruction – Design, implement and assess learning experiences that incorporate use of technology in the curriculum-related instructional activity to support understanding, inquiry, problem-solving, communication or collaboration.

All of my experiences in ISTC 501 helped me meet this standard.  The examination of Web 2.0 tools was especially integral in introducing me to numerous ways that I can use this standard in my classroom.  I discovered numerous tools that I was previously unaware of, such as Glogster,, and Animoto.  My review of Web 2.0 tools can be found on my blog here:

Standard VI: Assistive Technologies – Understand human, equity, and developmental issues surrounding the use of assistive technology to enhance student learning performance and apply that understanding to practice.

I believe that the development of the PTE helped me meet this standard.  During the course of planning the lesson, my partner and I had to think of ways to differentiate our lesson with both our graphic organizers and our technology assignments.  In doing so, I believe that we found the best way to optimize our students performance:

Additionally, the “Learning Theories” assignment that I did on differentiation also introduced me to ways to use this standard in my classroom:

Standard VII: Professional Growth – Develop professional practices that support continual learning and professional growth in technology

I believe that my successful progression through this course has helped me meet Standard VII as I have learned about the Maryland Teacher Technology Standards as well as ways to utilize them in the classroom.  This can be evidenced in this technology integration portfolio as well as my use of the standards in my PTE:


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